THIEVES targeted nine properties and two vehicles in Penketh during break-ins in the space of just over 24 hours.

The garages, sheds, vans and cars were broken into between 3.30am on Tuesday, November 12, and 9.15am on Wednesday, November 13.

Outbuildings on Meeting Lane and Kenyon Avenue were burgled between 3am and 3.30am on Tuesday – with offenders also attempting to break into a van on Meeting Lane.

Other garages and sheds on were targeted on Larch Avenue, the Park, Station Road and Stocks Lane – with further thefts from cars reported on Larch Avenue and Walton Avenue.

Cheshire Police have urged residents in the area to be vigilant, and issued a number of top tips to avoid falling victims to burglars.

These include never leaving outbuildings unlocked, installing external security lighting, checking for weak spots in perimeter fencing, parking vehicles in well-lit areas and not leaving valuables on show.

Thorny hedges and gravelled areas can also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

Inspector Ruth Atherton said: “There has been a spike in the number of garages, sheds and vehicles being targeted by thieves in Penketh, with 11 incidents reported within a 30-hour period.

“Enquiries are ongoing in a bid to establish who committed the offences.

“We are patrolling in the area and I urge anyone with any information regarding the incidents or the identities of offenders to get in touch with us here at Warrington Police Station.

“Residents can also help us and themselves by making it as difficult as possible for criminals to enter their outbuildings and vehicles and steal their belongings.

“They can do this by following our crime avoidance advice.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Cheshire Police on 101 or to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.