LABOUR’S Faisal Rashid has officially launched his re-election campaign – but his Tory rival claims the politician has achieved ‘very little’ as MP.

Mr Rashid, the party’s parliamentary candidate for Warrington South, launched his campaign at the Gateway on Saturday.

In the last two years, he says he has handled more than 10,000 pieces of casework on behalf of constituents, held 300 constituency surgeries and attended over 400 public meetings, events, school visits, visits to businesses and community organisations.

Mr Rashid said: “Representing the people of Warrington South for these last two years has been the honour of my life.

“Being able to stand up for people in Parliament has only strengthened my commitment to fighting for our town.

“Almost a decade of Tory austerity has decimated our communities. In Warrington, we have had years of underinvestment and outright dishonesty from this Government.

“Parts of our hospital are over 100 years old. Our local foodbank is doubling its size. Local transport links are costly and unfit for purpose.

“The Tories have presided over a declining and divided country. It’s time for real change.

“Warrington desperately needs a Labour government.”

But Andy Carter, Tory parliamentary candidate for Warrington South, says it is ‘time to look at Mr Rashid’s record carefully’.

He added: “People in Warrington South would be right to ask what Mr Rashid has actually done for the town since becoming an MP – despite the meetings he’s attended, he’s achieved very little.

“The bridges haven’t been painted, the traffic is till clogged up, the green belt is still under threat thanks to his Labour colleagues at the council.

“For many though, his flip-flopping on the issue of Brexit is the most disappointing.

“In Parliament he’s constantly voted against the delivery of Brexit so it’s hardly surprising people have lost faith in Labour.

“A vote for Labour in Warrington will ruin 2020, with the chaos of two referendums – one on Scotland and one on Brexit – and it will ruin the economy with out of control debt and £2,400 more tax for everyone.”