DO you have what it takes to take on the black chair?

Popular BBC Two quiz show Mastermind is currently looking for contestants with auditions starting in the next few weeks.

'Mastermind' is widely regarded as the most rigorous and intellectual British quiz show and, after 40 years, has become one of television's most enduring successes.

The premise of the game is simple.

Four contestants drawn from the British public compete against each other and the clock to earn the most points.

Each is quizzed firstly for two minutes on their specialist subject and then in round two for a further two minutes on their General Knowledge.

A spokesman added: "We are looking to cast a diverse range of people with all levels of quizzing experience throughout the whole of the UK.

"You do need some general knowledge but we’re really interested in your three specialist subjects – the wider the range the better."

Anyone can apply as long you are aged 18 or over and are a resident of the UK including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

To apply, email for an application form.

After submission, one of the casting team may call you to invite you to audition but Skype auditions are also available.

This series will be filmed in Belfast so anyone cast will be flown over for filming.

Applications close on May 25 at midnight but auditions start in the next few weeks so producers are encouraging people to apply sooner rather than later.