WARRINGTON and Halton Green Party will not field a candidate in Warrington South as part of a pro-Remain pact.

It forms part of a Unite to Remain agreement following talks with the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

The constituency is a key battleground in the general election on December 12.

Since 1997, with the exception of two elections, the marginal seat has been won by the party which secured the biggest number of seats.

In 2017, Labour’s Faisal Rashid snatched it from former Tory health minister David Mowat with a majority of 2,549.

Mr Rashid won 29,994 votes, Mr Mowat 27,445, Liberal Democrat Cllr Bob Barr 3,339 and independent John Boulton 1,217.

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The confirmed candidates for Warrington South in next month’s election are Labour’s Mr Rashid, Tory Andy Carter, Liberal Democrat Cllr Ryan Bate and the Brexit Party’s Clare Aspinall.

Cllr Bate said: "I am delighted with this arrangement, which will help elect more pro-Remain MPs in the next Parliament.

"I am very grateful to the local Green Party for agreeing to this.

"It shows that both our parties are putting the national interest above party politics.

"We have our differences with the Green Party but we are at one in our commitment to remain in Europe and to combating climate change.

"These are the two biggest issues facing us at present.

"This is an exciting day for those in Warrington who are committed to standing together to stop Brexit.”

The Greens also opted against putting forward a candidate in the constituency in 2017 to avoid ‘splitting the anti-Tory vote’.