THROUGHOUT this year we will be dipping into the wedding albums of Warrington couples who have tied the knot and finding out more about the happiest day of their life.

Names: Samantha Campbell, aged 31, and Blue Pendlebury (now Campbell) aged 22

Location: Golborne

Where did you meet?

In December 2014 I was interviewing for a new playcentre we were opening in Golborne and along came Blue.

It certainly wasn't love at first sight as she was quiet and shy whereas I was loud and would talk to anyone but for some reason there was something I liked about her and I employed her.

Very quickly our work relationship turned to friendship and that grew and blossomed. I even trusted Blue to look after my little boy Harley sometimes.

We started to spend more time together, going out, doing things with Harley and working together more.

Neither of us had been in a same sex relationship before and it was a crazy feeling when things seem to be more than just a friendship.

In October 2015 after a night out we had a drunken kiss but quickly realised we both wanted more and became an item.

Opening up to everyone a few months later was a huge step but everyone saw how happy we were. Harley ( then aged one) was especially happy as he was Blue's sidekick.

Warrington Guardian:

The proposal:

Blue always said she was the one that wanted to propose as she felt I had made so many sacrifices to and for her.

In June 2017 we were ready for a holiday which we had planned with two other families to Zante.

We decided to go for a meal while one of our friends looked after Harley.

We went for a walk and stopped off at a beach restaurant that overlooked the sea, just as the sun was setting Blue held a bespoke platinum diamond ring upside down and asked 'will you wear this ring' I presumed she was asking me to marry her so burst into tears.

Luckily to clarify just then Harley ran to us with a T-shirt that said 'mummy will you marry boo'. It was all planned to perfection, she had even been to ask my dad's permission before we left for Zante.

Two months later we had the most fabulous engagement party surrounded by all our loved ones.

Just before the buffet opened we did a thank you speech and then I got down on one knee and said 'I think every girl deserves her own proposal so will you marry me?'

The whole room erupted in cheers and Blue was in utter shock. Blue now also has a diamond on her finger. I had even asked for her dad's permission before the party.

Preparations for the wedding day:

We booked to stay at Abbey House in the Lake District the day after our engagement party and instantly fell in love and knew it was our venue.

The wedding was in June 2019 and planning it was my favourite bit.

We took only our mums dress shopping and only they saw the dresses. Both picked from the same shop so it was a risk in case we had the same.

I am allergic to flowers so we had all artificial flowers.

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Our favourite memories from the day:

We stayed in separate rooms with our hairdresser and make up artist going to each separate suite and then swapping over and thanks to the Abbey House team, we both arrived up the aisle without seeing each other.

We had friends deliver our gifts including a personalised congratulations letter from Liverpool FC for Blue as she used to play for them around five years ago.

Flowers girls Mia and Sienna led Blue and her dad (Jason) down the aisle to Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling in Love before our ring bearer Harley aged five went down the aisle holding a briefcase saying 'ring security'. He nearly stole the show!

Warrington Guardian:

Then Macey led me and my dad (Malc) down the aisle to Christina Perri's A Thousand Years.

Seeing Blue I think I stopped breathing.

We shared a kiss and didn't stop smiling and then Blue said to me 'Let's do this'.

Our wedding breakfast consisted of ham hock with chutneys, champagne sorbet, reio of beef finished with lemon posset.

I had also arranged for a local ice cream van to turn up too as a surprise for Blue and the guests but ended up getting inside and doing the serving, it was great fun.

Warrington Guardian:

Blue had also arranged for a singer to sing my favourite song 'I'm alive' at the time of speeches as Blue wasn't too keen on doing a speech.

Both dads got up and expressed how proud they were of us both, each welcoming us to their family.

I did a speech too which is the only thing I had left to the day before to do.

We cut the cake and were pronounced Mr and Mrs by the DJ which sent the room in uproar again with laughter.

We had expected it a few times and it made us laugh too.

Everyone says it but it really was the best weekend of our lives. My mum describes it as a real fairytale.

The honeymoon:

We headed to Cyprus for a week staying at Grecian Park and we had the most wonderful week.

We were even joined for a few days by our friends that had come over from Australia, it was just fabulous.

We look at our pictures every day and smile.

And we are already planning when we can wear our dresses again.

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Pictures from photographer Mark Copeland.

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