NEW barriers installed in order to prevent travellers accessing a leisure centre car park are causing ‘mayhem’, say residents.

The oddly-shaped gates were installed at Woolston Neighbourhood Hub last week, with a number of illegal encampments having been set up at the Hall Road site over the past few years.

But many drivers have expressed concerns at the extremely small margin for error available when manoeuvring some larger cars and vans through the barriers.

One resident told the Warrington Guardian: “It caused mayhem on Friday night when first introduced and I'll bet they will have had a nightmare all weekend, unless they have kept the gate open to allow cars through.

“If so, this highlights how ridiculous the barriers are and how WBC have managed to waste yet more money.”

Others took to social media to describe the barriers as ‘ridiculous’, ‘sheer chaos’ and April Fool’s day come early.

A Warrington Borough Council spokesman said: “As you are all aware Woolston hub has been the subject of numerous encampments over recent years, having a detrimental impact upon local residents and the users of facilities within the site.

“Following discussions with Livewire, the council commissioned height restriction barriers to prevent un authorised access to the site.

“These barriers are present at both entrances to the site – the barriers are advertised as having a width of 2m, however have been installed with a width of 2.1m.

“In addition, height restrictions which are advertised as 2.3m – but are in fact 2.4m.

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Warrington Guardian:

“The gap allows access for service users who include tradesmen with ladders and pipe tubes fitted to their vehicles.

“This was a conscious decision to prevent the displacement of vehicles onto residential streets.

“There is a large gate next to the barrier that can be opened to allow buses, delivery vehicles and other appropriate vehicles access when required.”