POLICE bodycam footage has revealed the moments after a husband had bludgeoned his wife to death. 

A jury unanimously convicted 51-year-old David Pomphret of murder at Liverpool Crown Court this afternoon, Friday.

Members of the jury were shown during the trial the footage above of Pomphret pretending to police he had just found his wife Ann-Marie in a field. 

Breathing heavily he told officers he had text his wife but had no reply. 

He said: "I thought she might have had a problem with the horses. 

"She's lying there oh god she's lying there.

"They tried to get me to do mouth to mouth."

But throughout his first conversations with the police, he does not appear to shed a single tear.

‘Quiet and calm’ Pomphret killed the mum to his teenage daughter - after leaving her with ‘catastrophic’ head injuries at around 8pm on Friday, November 2, before dumping the weapon in a pond.

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