WARRINGTON Borough Council says it still has plans to create a pedestrian crossing on Padgate Lane despite continuing delays to the project.

Parents and guardians of pupils at St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School have been lobbying the council for a crossing to be installed for a number of years since the removal of a lollipop lady service.

A petition calling for action was signed by hundreds of residents due to concerns over road safety, following a number of near misses involving vehicles and young students.

But nearly three years on from the creation of the petition back in 2016, there is no sign of a crossing being installed.

The council has however reiterated that it still plans to consult residents over the matter, and that work could begin next year or in 2021.

A spokesman said: “We are currently carrying out a further consultation on the provision due to concerns raised by residents over parking restrictions in this area.

“Pending the conclusion of the consultation, we would expect any agreed scheme to be delivered in 2020/21.”

Antony Cottam, who has two sons who attend St Oswald’s, set up the petition – which has so far received more than 500 signatures.

He said: “It is no surprise the council are so slow.

“I have mentioned previously that my children will leave the school before this crossing happens.

“Indeed, my eldest son Bailey will be leaving St Oswald’s for high school in 2021, and I will be amazed if it ever happens.

“To wait five years for a crossing is very bad, and I just hope a child’s life is not lost in the meantime.

“I will be chasing this issue up now with our MP Helen Jones, as this is getting beyond a joke now.”