A GRANDMA was left in tears after workmen refused to fix her dangerous floor because she could not move the carpet and sofa by herself.

Carol Foote, who lives in Whitworth Close in Birchwood, noticed her floor giving way in April.

After contacting Your Housing Group for five months, they sent out a contractor on August Bank Holiday Monday who filled in a small square in the hallway before leaving.

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The repair work was so poor that it caused the rest of a floorboard to collapse.

Warrington Guardian: The repair works which caused the remaining floorboard to collapse The repair works which caused the remaining floorboard to collapse

Carol's eight-year-old granddaughter also lives in the flat and put her foot through one of the large gaps recently.

Carol said: "She cannot have her friends over as it is too dangerous for them. The floor moves and bounces as you walk across it because there is no beading underneath.

"We have to keep a coffee table over the big hole in the living room as you will miss it under the carpet.

"They broke the side of the bath three weeks ago when repairing the floor in the bathroom and have just left it how it is."

After being promised by Your Housing that someone would visit the flat to repair the dinner plate-sized hole in her living room, the 60-year-old was left in tears on Monday as he walked off the job.

Warrington Guardian: How the bathroom was left by contractors How the bathroom was left by contractors

Carol said: "We can't get in either bedroom as everything we have is stacked up in there from the living room. I cannot move a three-piece sofa anywhere.

"The carpet is eight-metres long and is too heavy for me to move but they promised me that it wouldn't be a problem and they would move it for me.

"The workman took one look at the living room, laughed and said 'I'm not doing the job as you haven't moved the furniture out'.

"He didn't even fix the mess in the hallway, he just walked off."

Despite telling the housing company that she could move half of the carpet to one side of the room and the repeat this to fix the other half with the help of her daughter - they have still refused to come out to fix it.

Carol, who has multiple health problems, added: "They said they would ring me back but they never do, it has been going on since April.

"It is going to take someone getting really hurt for them to do something."

Warrington Guardian: Carol was left in tears after workmen refused to help her move the carpet Carol was left in tears after workmen refused to help her move the carpet

A spokesperson for Your Housing Group said: "It is clear that there has been failings in how this repair has been processed and communicated between our central team and contractors. We know that we need to do better for our customers and we are working to improve these processes.

"We have immediately assigned a supervisor to the repair and they will work directly with the customer to ensure this is resolved.

"The supervisor has been in contact and arranged a visit later in the week.

"The outstanding repair will be prioritised and completed as soon as possible."