A 20-YEAR-OLD man who led a police chase through Lymm while under the influence of cocaine was branded 'immature and selfish' by a crown court judge.

James Abbey, of Culcheth Hall Drive in Culcheth, was spotted driving 'erratically' around Lymm on December 6 at 2am.

Police on patrol saw the 2016 VW Polo and PC Connor got out of his car to speak to Abbey but he sped away.

Derek Jones, prosecuting at Chester Crown Court on Thursday, said: "The policeman chased the car with his lights and sirens on which then turned onto Sandy Lane in Oughtrington.

"Abbey was speeding at around 50 miles per hour in a 30 zone and then turned onto Burford Lane heading below the underpass by the canal.

"He then sped onto Warrington Lane towards Lymm village at more than 65 miles per hour."

Police then followed him into a farmyard where Abbey was cornered and PC Connor got out of his vehicle.

Abbey then reversed towards the policeman who shouted at him to get out of the car.

The Polo was then driven forward and PC Connor fell to the ground, suffering cuts and bruising to his arms and knees.

Abbey continued to rev the engine before the policeman got back up and managed to grab the keys out of the ignition.

When searched, police found a bag of cocaine and a knuckleduster on Abbey and it was accepted that Abbey had been taking cocaine before he got in the car.

In a victim impact statement, PC Connor said: "My wife always worries about me when I go out to work and I was very upset when I got home that night."

He also explained that he has two young children and is lucky not to have more serious injuries.

The court was also told that Abbey was involved in a domestic assault with his father in July and was charged with stealing his fishing gear.

Abbey's defence barrister said: "He does not have the usual excuse of coming from a poor home, he has had every advantage and then started taking cocaine.

"He realises he cannot continue through life in this way.

"I hope the court is willing, at the age of 20, to give him a chance for him to prove to himself, his family and members of society that he can change."

Judge Patrick Thompson, said: "I do not think driving offences are taken seriously enough in this country, people are killed every day on the roads.

"If someone had been driving the other way on the underpass, they wouldn't have stood a chance.

"You are an immature and selfish individual – you thought of no one but yourself and your need of cocaine.

"You did not think of the safety of the policeman.

"I don't know who you thought you were impressing with this demeanour of possessing cocaine.

"You should see the wretched people before me with no life, who only live for the next hit. Those who think drugs are impressive need to come to this court and see what I see every day.

"In prison you will meet people who have had very different backgrounds to you, it will be an eye-opening experience and one you will not enjoy.

"You need to grow up and if you don't you'll be back here and I'll send you to jail."

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Abbey was banned from driving for two years and ordered to pay £1200 in compensation.

He was also ordered to carry out a rehabilitation activity and will be under a four-month curfew.