BIRCHWOOD Community High School has apologised to parents and pupils after some students went hungry at lunchtime.

Following problems with a new food service at the start of the academic year, pupils were reportedly left without a school meal as there was no food left after they had queued up.

The school is now assuring parents that the issue has been resolved and in future, any child who has not eaten must tell a member of staff on duty.

Emma Mills, head teacher, said: "We experienced issues with our food service at the very start of the new term.

"We have responded to this on Monday and since then we have had surplus provisions each day.

"We apologise profusely to any parent and learner who has encountered any issue getting food during the introduction of our new food service offer in the last week.

"On the days when there was an issue any learner who made this clear to the deputy head on duty was provided with food.

"We have now given our learners the clear message that they must tell a member of staff on duty if they have not eaten.

"We would not allow any learner to go hungry, but we cannot address the issue if we are not aware of it.

"We feel confident going forward that we have now resolved concerns that have been raised with us.

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"We want to maintain our excellent relationships with parent, carers and our wider community and we encourage anyone to let us know directly (email: if there is anything further, we need to rectify."