SCOOTER enthusiasts showed mod culture is still alive and well when they celebrated the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia.

Latchford’s Phase 3 Scooter Club and Wire Scooter Club were among those revving up for a scooter rally from Victoria Park to Warrington Market on Saturday.

The scooters from the 1970s onwards also stopped off for photo opportunities at the Golden Gates before the party continued at Warrington Record Fair at the market.

It was to mark a milestone year for The Who’s 1979 concept album-turned-film which came to define a movement in British cultural history.

“I had tears in my eyes,” said Barry Ford, a member of Phase 3 Scooter Club.

“We were getting ready and at about 11.30am we could see all the scooters coming past our house. I stopped counting at 78.

“It was tremendous. I couldn’t believe the turnout. We had three clubs from Warrington as well as clubs from Leigh, St Helens, Wigan, Widnes and Birkenhead.

“It was very well supported and the weather made it.”

After the scooter rally there was then a series of Quadrophenia-inspired vinyl record DJ sets with music from the era as riders and enthusiasts caught up and reminisced.

Latchford resident Barry, who also performed a DJ set, added: “Paul Blaney from Warrington Market had a lovely marquee set up for us.

“The record fair did great and had people dancing. People were reminiscing about the music and what scooters they had years ago.

“There were two blokes from Warrington who brought a black and white picture from when they travelled on scooters to Margate in 1963. They said it took them a day and a half. I’ve got a picture of Quadrophenia of all the scooters coming down the main street and that’s what we did at Bridge Foot.

“The roar of all the engines is something I’ll never forget. The traffic was very obliging and people were waving and cheering. It was like Walking Day.”

Quadrophenia is an ode to teenage angst and counterculture rebellion, as well as a criticism of British class, economic and educational systems told through a story about a young mod called Jimmy.