A GCSE pupil who was determined to keep studying throughout his cancer treatment has passed his exams with flying colours.

Callum Stone, from Woolston, a student at King's Leadership Academy Warrington, was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Despite this devastating news, he was set on studying throughout his treatment and sitting his GCSEs with the rest of his year group.

Katie Sharp, vice principal at King's Leadership, said: "This meant coming into school to work in isolation to protect his immune system, participating in lessons via FaceTime and extra tuition on days when he felt able to work.

"It was only May that he rang the bell to signify the end of his treatment but he was still determined to sit his exams.

"We were overjoyed to see that Callum's resilience and endeavour paid off and he achieved grades 5 and 6 in all of his eight subjects."

It was not only Callum who had cause to celebrate, but King's Leadership, based in Woolston, hit a new pass rate of 90 per cent in maths and English.

A further 72 per cent of its pupils achieved a grade 5 of above in the subjects, with more than 35 per cent excelling and earning at least a grade 7.

Across the school 12 per cent of students achieved 9s or 8s in every subject, smashing school records yet again.

Notable successes were Olivia Clarke, who achieved eight grade 9s and Shannon and Lauren Van Schoor who both achieved seven grade 9s.