'MONSTER maker' Mike Hill has been creating more creatures to keep horror fans awake at night.

The former Montford High School student has made a career out of everything that goes bump in the night since he moved to Los Angeles in 2005.

His big claim to fame was being the lead designer of the complex and misunderstood 'monster' in Guillermo del Toro's multi award-winning The Shape of Water.

Since then Dallam born Mike has reunited with the Mexican filmmaker for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark which is in cinemas on Friday.

Guillermo produced the movie which is directed by André Øvredal, best known for Troll Hunter.

Mike said: "I was asked to create a character called Jangly Man, but I also wanted to do a character from the books called the Pale Lady.

"I was lead artist on these characters, which included designing, sculpting, painting and applying the make-up everyday on set in Canada. We shot in Toronto on sound-stages, corn fields, abandoned mental institutions and an incredible old spooky house.

"Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is based on a series of children's books. The books are very famous in the USA, mainly due to the disturbing artwork.

"Guillermo explained it was going to be directed by André Øvredal. I was familiar with the director since my nephew Chris had recommended his movie Troll Hunter.

"Also I'd never worked with special effects company Spectral Motion before so it was a no-brainer."

Meanwhile, Mike is working on his own short film and has started work on another big Hollywood movie, which cannot yet be named.