THE Brexit Party has been forced to find a new candidate to fight for Warrington South in the next general election after the man selected dropped out.

Nigel Farage’s party, which stormed to victory in the European Parliament election vote in the town in May, had announced Dennis Rogers would contest the seat.

His Facebook profile says he lives in Warrington and is originally from the town.

However, information on Companies House states his residence is in the Isle of Man.

The party has today, Tuesday, confirmed Mr Rogers dropped out as a candidate because he has ‘too many business commitments to run a general election campaign’.

It insists it has found someone else to stand, details of which could be formally announced in the coming days.

The party says Mr Rogers lived on the Isle of Man for around four years and worked as an adviser to the Government there.

Warrington for Europe campaign group says it supports democracy and welcomes a wide field of candidates in Warrington South.

A spokesman added: “We do not regard those who disagree with us as saboteurs, traitors or enemies of the people.

“If there is to be an election in the autumn, which looks likely, it will focus on the no-deal exit from the EU which the Brexit Party and parts of the Tory Party now led by Mr Johnson are pursuing with enthusiasm.

“This was never proposed during the referendum and, anyway, makes no sense because we will need a trade deal with the EU if we are to thrive long term.”

Warrington 4 Brexit has also issued a statement as uncertainty over Brexit mounts.

It said: “Our preference has always been that we should leave the EU with a mutually beneficial withdrawal deal, but we are also very comfortable leaving without a withdrawal deal if it is unsatisfactory.

“We note that our town’s Remainer campaigners are extremely vociferous in their opposition to the prospect of leaving the EU without a withdrawal deal, but yet almost all Remain-supporting MPs rejected Theresa May’s deal.

“Maybe Remainer MPs failed to consider the consequences of their own actions, but it is a result of their votes that the UK is now about to leave without a deal.”