A KIND, considerate and funny man took his life aged just 30 following a night out to celebrate his wife's birthday in March.

John Seddon, from Padgate had spent the evening in Liverpool with his wife Sarah and friends.

Cheshire Coroner's Court heard on Tuesday how the young couple had been on holiday in Portugal just days before his death to mark their wedding anniversary, which he described as 'the best holiday of his life'.

Sarah and John met while working in the Cherry Tree Pub in Culcheth when they were 18 but didn't get together until 2011.

Sarah told the court how they 'saved up and worked hard' to buy their house in Latchford and be closer to John's work in Centre Park.

Described as a 'very private person' by his wife, John worked as a digital marketing manager and around the time of his death was waiting to hear if he had been successful in getting a more senior position at a different firm.

The court heard how John loved the gym and had two memberships, often going for a workout before work and used the gym if he was 'feeling down'.

In autumn 2017 Sarah said she noticed a 'change' in her husband as he started to suffer with low moods which she put down to stress at work.

Despite having a 'brilliant' time in Portugal, Sarah noticed John was 'down' when they returned home on the Wednesday and was 'more quiet' than usual.

He cancelled plans they had on the Thursday and Friday and spent three hours at the gym.

The court was told that he was 'very stressed' about the senior job he had applied for after a lengthy and difficult interview process.

He appeared to be in a better mood on the Saturday when the couple had plans to go to Liverpool with friends to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

The group of ten enjoyed a bottomless brunch before going on to a few more bars on the way back to Lime Street Station.

Sarah told the court about a heartfelt moment they shared in the restaurant when John followed her to bathroom.

She said: "He said he wanted to come with me as the toilets were far away and there were two flights of stairs, he was a complete gentleman.

"We said how lucky we were, how wonderful our friends were and what a good week we were having and he was hopeful about his job."

In the last bar the party went to, Sarah described an altercation between the pair after John saw her talking to a man at the bar.

She said: "It was really busy at the bar so I tried to push in, a man said 'let me get a selfie or I'll tell the barman on you' so I agreed.

"He had the camera on video instead of picture so we laughed and took a short video dancing and that was that.

"When I got back to the table with the drinks I noticed a change in John - he was very angry and aggressive towards me.

"He wasn't happy that I had been talking to another man.

"A friend tried to calm him down but he had hold of me and shook me before pushing my friend away.

"It was very out of character."

On the train home, Sarah tried to talk to John but he ignored her, only sending her a video of her talking to the man at the bar which he had filmed on his phone.

When the got back to their house at around 10.30pm, he said he was going for a walk and would not stay despite Sarah's pleas.

She tried desperately to get in contact with him and at 2am phoned the police.

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John's body was found by a runner at around 7am the following morning in Black Bear Park

Coroner Adam Fullwood ruled John's death as suicide.

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