PLANS have been submitted for an extra healthcare facility at a mental health hospital in Winwick.

Arbury Court, located on green belt land off Townfield Lane, specialises in psychiatric intensive care for adult women with personality disorder and mental illnesses.

Run by Elysium Healthcare, chiefs have applied for the construction of a detached three-ward single storey healthcare facility.

The proposed addition will employ an extra six full-time staff members.

In documents addressed to Warrington Borough Council planners Elysium Healthcare state: "As national operators of specialist private healthcare, Elysium have become more aware of gaps in the industry for continual client care including a much-needed support for the rehabilitation of clients back into the community.

"It is becoming increasingly apparent that currently there is inadequate provision of facilities available that can provide dedicated support for clients returning to the community enabling a transition between dependent and independent living.

"It is the proposal of this scheme to provide a new facility within the umbrella of the existing hospital grounds to enable client support in there development back into independent living."

Formed in three small wards each unit will provide a differing level of support from communal living and bedsits to independent flats with managed support.

The development will consist of three wards, made up of bedsits and flats while standard communal spaces consisting of a quiet lounge, communal lounge and dining, supervised kitchenette, communal bathroom ancillary rooms and a central observation / manager area.

Each bedsit will provide a studio space including bedroom, kitchenette and lounge space with a separate ensuite.

Elysium added: "Accessibility is a core consideration for Elysium Healthcare and they operate a strong belief in access for all in both employment and client care.

"The proposal has been designed in away to allow maximum accessibility for this type of facility including dedicated assisted living accommodation within each ward.

"While the site is located in a green belt area it is seen that the provision of this proposal is set within an already developed site as a infill to the existing buildings whilst screened adequately to causing minimal to no impact on sounding sites and the general public."