ARLEY Hall will be back on TV screens later this month as one of the most popular dramas, The Peaky Blinders, returns for the fifth series.

The stately home near Appleton Thorn is used as one of the main filming locations for the show doubling as Birmingham gangster Tommy Shelby’s manor house in the BBC’s hugely popular period crime series.

Warrington Guardian:

And while there are expected to be some big changes in the plot in series five, Arley Hall is likely to be seen even more this time around, as Tommy is now an MP and his manor home is where he is likely to meet with and entertain his guests – legitimate or otherwise.

After Cillian Murphy, who plays lead character Tommy, and the rest of the cast were on site for filming last October, fans have been eager to find out the release date for the much-anticipated new series.

The BBC has remained tight-lipped, simply stating that the show would be back in 2019, and more recently releasing a teaser trailer with 'coming soon'.

Warrington Guardian:

But it has now been announced that the new series returns to BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, August 25.

It has switched from BBC Two after the previous series got more than four million viewers.

In a picture released on social media, Tommy is seen brooding over a gun. The dramatic image shows the gangster-turned-MP sitting at a table with his head in his hand. In front of him sits a gun and a single bullet.

Steve Hamilton, former general manager at Arley Hall, spoke to the Guardian when the Peaky Blinders crew was on site last year.

He said: “To play such a big part in the next series when Tommy is clearly on the up having become an MP will be great for us.

"Our library is so iconic and instantly recognisable so it has been great to see it used as Tommy’s study again for the next series, which I am sure will be the best yet.”