A MAN faked a fall on the pavement in a bid to con the council out of compensation.

Paul Morris, from Chapelford, alleged that he had tripped and fallen on a public highway in Warrington.

But Warrington Borough Council had ‘immediate concerns’ about the claim, due to inconsistencies in the 35-year-old’s account and links between him and other individuals who had sought compensation from it.

Morris, of Arizona Crescent, withdrew the claim after the council raised these concerns with him.

And he was later found to have made a claim of fundamental dishonesty by St Helens County Court.

The court heard that a route taken by Morris was ‘illogical’ and the injuries sustained were not consistent with the fall.

He also claimed to be unable to work, when he was in fact on holiday in Majorca.

Council leader Cllr Russ Bowden said: “This is a good result – it sends the message that fraudulent claims do not pay and that they won’t be tolerated.

“To try and deceive the council by making a false claim in this way is a flagrant attempt to financially benefit at a time when we need to be focusing our resources on protecting the most vulnerable.”