A CULCHETH photographer has received worldwide recognition after discovering the first ever photo showing Neil Armstrong’s face on the Moon.

Originally from Appley Bridge in Wigan, Andy Saunders has always been fascinated by the Apollo missions since viewing the Moon from a small telescope as a kid.

Having been frustrated by the lack of quality images of the momentous moment, he was delighted when the opportunity came to produce one himself.

And his photo has since been circulated across the globe and even earned him am interview on BBC Breakfast.

Warrington Guardian:

Andy's photo of Neil Armstrong

“There aren’t many images of Neil himself as he was the one holding the camera in front of Buzz Aldrin - just the fuzzy images of him coming down the ladder,” Andy, 45, said.

“In this golden moment after his small step speech, there was a brief second when his face comes into view and crucially, he stays still long enough for me to lift three separate frames.

“I then stacked each on top of each other to extract as much detail as possible, processed the image and I just couldn’t believe how clearly you could see his face.”

Warrington Guardian:

Andy Saunders

Andy actually discovered the image 20 years ago on low quality footage and again 10 years later with in HD, but only revealed the image this month to coincide with the moon landing’s 50th anniversary.

“I didn’t think anyone would be interested at first, so to be associated with this incredible moment having been so interested about the moon missions since childhood is just indescribable,” he added.

“The image has been seen and reported on all over the world on the biggest news sites, so it still hasn’t sunk in to be honest.

“I bought all the copies in the local newsagents when I found out I would be in them and to be asked to appear on BBC Breakfast was a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget.

“Having worked on the image for so long, this is just beyond anything I could ever have dreamt of.”