A HORRIFIED worker who found a giant moth sealed inside his Hoisin duck wrap has said the ordeal has put him off shopping at M&S again.

Cameron Meakin purchased the wrap from the Stockton Heath food hall for his lunch on Monday.

He said: "When I got to work I saw just before I opened the packet that there was a very large live moth inside the packet crawling on the wrap.

"I think this is absolutely disgraceful that there is a live creature inside a sealed packet meaning there is no way it could have got inside previous to packing.

Warrington Guardian: The moth sealed inside a Hoisin duck wrapThe moth sealed inside a Hoisin duck wrap

"I am completely appalled by the food hygiene standards that clearly do not exist.

"I would have taken the wrap straight back but I was stuck in work and have no lunch until the end of the day.

"I really think M&S should be exposed for their food hygiene standard on a platform higher than Facebook.

"This has put me off shopping from there again."

Warrington Guardian: The moth was still alive inside the wrapThe moth was still alive inside the wrap

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A spokesperson for M&S said: “We are really sorry to hear about Mr Meakin’s complaint. We’ve asked him to return the wrap to his local store so we can investigate, and our customer services team are in touch.”