A RESIDENT at James Lee House was found unresponsive in the television room after overdosing on his medication.

Paul Wakefield was found lying on the living room floor by a fellow resident on December 5.

The 51-year-old used heroin and crack cocaine fortnightly and was taking prescribed medication for schizophrenia in addition to methadone.

Mr Wakefield, a dad-of-six, had told his friend Lee Roland that he struggled 'to be trusted' with his medication, and would take it all at once.

Mr Roland told Warrington Coroner's Court on Thursday how this would make him 'sleep for three days' then he would 'bounce off the walls needing his medication'.

He was not known to mental health services but had been referred to Pathways by his GP.

Described as a 'lovely guy' by Mr Roland, the two struck up a friendship and would go to the chemist together on a Monday to collect Paul's medication.

Mr Roland offered to store the tablets for Mr Wakefield during the week so he would not be tempted to take them all in one go.

This became a regular arrangement between the pair.

The court heard on the morning of December 5, they walked to the chemist together to collect the medication but Mr Wakefield complained of a chest infection and was struggling to walk very far without stopping to catch his breath.

When they returned to James Lee House, Mr Wakefield took the box of medication from Mr Roland.

He was later found by another resident lying on the floor in the television room.

Blood toxicology results showed codeine and dihydrocodeine in Mr Wakefield's system but these were not prescribed.

Coroner Claire Welch ruled Mr Wakefield's death was accidental toxicity.