ROYAL Mail have confirmed that postal deliveries are set to resume ‘imminently’ to two streets in Padgate.

Mail was halted to both Woodvale Close and Sealand Close earlier this month due to a dog biting a deliverer.

But after much dismay by residents, post is set to finally start arriving again due to the necessary safety investigations being completed.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Following a serious dog attack on a member of staff, we have completed the necessary risk assessments and have established that the animal in question is no longer present.

“As a result, we will be resuming deliveries to Woodvale and Sealand Close imminently.”

Elderly residents living on the two streets contacted the Guardian to make their frustrations heard, with Royal Mail holding their post at the Milner Street Delivery Office.

They said they struggled to get to the office as it involves making two bus journeys and crossing Liverpool Road, which is always busy.

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Royal Mail added that they are sorry for the temporary inconvenience and that suspending deliveries is a ‘last resort’.

“During the suspension period, customers’ mail was held at Warrington Delivery Office and, in line with our policy, we kept the mail for 18 days until we returned it to sender,” they said.

“Alternative arrangements were also put in place for vulnerable customers, whose neighbours were able to collect their mail for them.

“Anyone impacted by this suspension with concerns about their mail can contact our Customer Services team on 03457 740740.”