A HEARTBROKEN mum has described her daughter as a 'beautiful, caring and clever' young woman at her inquest.

Kerry Garside, who lived in the town centre, was found dead in her flat on October 25 last year.

The mum-of-one was a patient at Manchester Road Surgery and her GP confirmed she had a history of anxiety, depression and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Kerry, who had worked at Spire Cheshire Hospital, was found with a mix of drugs in her system including Diazepam, cocaine and heroine and the court heard the 39-year-old accidentally overdosed.

Alcohol had also been consumed with the drugs.

Cheshire Coroners' Court heard on Wednesday that Kerry had been receiving recovery treatment through Pathways since 2015, initially for issues with alcohol.

In 2017, she told staff about an 'illicit drug abuse' and at the time of her death she was still receiving support from the service.

Kerry was last seen on CCTV on October 10 with a friend entering her flat.

Her mum Christine said she spoke to her daughter on the evening of October 9 on the phone as Kerry was unwell and complaining of a bad chest.

She said: "I called her and she said she wasn't well, she had always had a weak chest throughout her life.

"I phoned the next morning and she sounded really unwell and I told her to get some rest.

"The was the last time I spoke to her, I rang the next day to see how she was but there was no reply."

Warrington Guardian:

She had worked at Spire Cheshire Hospital

Heath Westerman, assistant coroner for Cheshire, asked whether there had been any signs or anything out of character which may have suggested Kerry intended to take her life.

Christine told the court there was 'absolutely nothing' to suggest this.

She said: "She had many things to look forward to. She had been making lots of memories with her daughter.

"We were getting ready for her to see her daughter more often and she was really positive about it.

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"There was no indication of suicide, if there had been, she would have left a note."

Christine told the court that the family had asked for Kerry to be sectioned 'a number of times' to try and get her the help she needed.

She said: "It was very difficult for Kerry, she had a problem and couldn't deal with it. She needed help.

"She was a beautiful, caring and clever young woman who always strived to get better."

Heath Westerman ruled Kerry's death as a result of misadventure.

He said: "I hope your grief lessens over time and that you remember Kerry for the person she was rather than in the manner she died."

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