HUNDREDS of pounds have been raised for Warrington Foodbank in reaction to the annual increase in foodbank usage.

Warrington Housing Association (WHA) has raised more than £900 in support of the foodbank, marking the third year in a row the charity has chosen it as one of its causes.

Lynn Woodger, WHA customer service officer, who organises fundraising activities, stated: “The whole office is committed to helping the foodbank. We raise money throughout the year with a WHA tuckshop, staff running the English half marathon, and dress down Fridays, among other things.

“Six times a year we also drop food donations collected in the offices down to the foodbank.”

Since 2012, the usage of foodbanks in Warrington has increased year by year.

In 2018, an estimated 46,000 meals were distributed in the town.

David McDonald, Warrington Foodbank project manager, said: “With rising prices and low incomes, many people are living on the edge. It takes just one unforeseen thing to happen and people are left with nowhere to turn expect us.

“Usage is already up 15 per cent this year and this shows no signs of diminishing.”

Half of the funds raised by WHA will go to replenishing the foodbanks’ supply of ingredients and stock.

The remaining funds will support the conversation of a warehouse to increase the capacity of the foodbanks by more than double to cope with the increasing usage.

For their actions, WHA has been nominated for charity of the year 2018 - 2019.

Mr McDonald added; “Without the generous people of Warrington – the office collections and donations at supermarkets – we wouldn’t exist. But we shouldn’t need to exist at all. The fact that 35 per cent of our food needs to go to children, through breakfast clubs and over the holidays when they won’t be getting their free school lunches, is appalling in the 21st century.”