FOOTAGE from Cheshire Police has revealed some of the area's horrifying near misses.

More than twice the number of people died on Cheshire’s roads in 2018 in comparison to the previous year – and the majority of those deaths could have been avoided.

46 people lost their lives in road traffic collisions in 2018 and already, in 2019, there have been 23 fatalities on our roads – that’s more than one per week.

Cheshire Police say investigations into these collisions show that some of the fatalities could have been prevented and that there are five main contributory factors that cause serious road traffic collisions.

What are the Fatal 5?

  • Careless driving
  • Drink and drug driving
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Speeding

A spokesman added: "Road users who commit one of the Fatal 5 offences are far more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than those who do not.

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Warrington Guardian: A cyclist swerves to avoid a car in one of the clipsA cyclist swerves to avoid a car in one of the clips

"People are dying on our roads as a result of motorists’ poor driving, reckless decisions and momentary lapses in concentration.

"Fatal collisions are heart-breaking – for the family, for the community, and for the responding emergency services staff who have to witness the tragedy and subsequent aftermath.

"Stopping any more deaths from occurring as a result of something unnecessary and totally avoidable is a top priority for us."

Click play on the video above to see a 'small sample' of the careless driving Cheshire Police officers have dealt with so far.