FORMER Mayor Geoff Settle is battling to become a candidate in the European Parliament elections.

The ex-Poulton North borough councillor – who resigned from the Labour Party earlier this year – has revealed he is challenging to become an MEP candidate for The Independent Group’s newly formed Change UK.

The European Parliament elections are scheduled to take place on May 23.

Mr Settle said: “If selected by Change UK, I would love to take a seat in Europe and promote north west business, culture, mental health, as well as my interests in the natural environment, Mersey Forest, with its strong European connections and research, and invigorate Warrington’s commitment to Agenda 21.

“This used to be supported by Warrington Borough Council in the form of the Warrington Nature Conservation Forum but support went, however, we have survived and continue to be one of the few forums set up by local government that are still in existence.

“The climate changes that we are experiencing are being recognised by a group of youngsters, whom I walked with last week shouting about their fears about the impact of man’s impact on the natural environment.

“It’s their future not ours and they deserve our protection through a united Europe, not a divided one, no matter how hard that is going to be.”

Mr Settle was deselected ahead of Warrington’s all-out election in 2016.

And he opted against appealing the decision to ‘let someone younger come in’.

Mr Settle added: “People will know that I was deselected by the Labour Party when I was Mayor for failing on two questions when I put myself forward as a prospective candidate.

“I could not agree with their premise that I must always follow the Labour group party line on all issues.

“I never had but how could I predict what new policy issues they were going to come up with?

“When I asked if I supported the women-only candidate approach, I said it depends on the candidates, I want the best person for the job.

“In fact, I had put forward three candidates for our branch and worked my socks off to persuade them to stand – two were turned down because of their lack of experience and one is now a borough councillor.

“I didn’t put forward, and did not support, any male candidates because there was no one suitable.”

There are 751 Members of the European Parliament – of those, 73 represent the UK.

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