A HOOD Manor bride and her mum have lost 13 stone between them in the lead up to the big day.

Tina Shenton, 53, and her daughter Perri Brownlee, 29 both overcame physical and confidence barriers to turn their lives around to become healthy and active without ever going hungry.

They were not happy with their weight and their health so the pair decided to do something about it together and joined a Slimming World group at St James Church.

Tina said: “We were able to swap from convenience and frozen foods for nutritious healthy meals.

"We wouldn’t think twice about ordering a takeaway, now we make our own fakeaway Indian curries and Chinese dishes.

"Joining together helped spur us on. The support we get every week from our consultant and group is amazing."

Tina has since lost an incredible seven stone, while Perri has lost six stone and both are now a size 10.

Tina added: “Soon the weight dropped off, my confidence soared along with a new found zest for life."

Tina felt confident and elegant and was able to have her photograph taken on Perri's wedding day.

She was crowned Woman of the Year and Greatest Loser at her Hood Manor group after taking 16 months to reach her target.

Tina said: "I got to eat all of my favourite foods like quiches, chicken kebabs and matched them with tasty vegetables and salads, pasta and rice but learnt how to make them in a healthy way that filled me up.”

Her daughter Perri lost six stone in 11 months and was voted Miss Slinky by fellow members.

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Perri said: “Joining the group meant that when I recently got married I could wear the dress I wanted to wear rather than had to wear.

"I felt so beautiful on our special day. It has been so exciting to go through the planning of the wedding and celebrating without worrying about my weight and food optimising has become second nature to me.

"I have been able to relax whilst celebrating this happy time while still making the right food and drink choices.

"We made a New Year's resolution to try new classes at the gym this year and found we really enjoy body pump to tone up and maintain our weight and healthy lifestyle.”

Kathryn Brophy who runs Tina and Perri's class said: “I am so proud of them both and delighted they have become target members and on the road to being slim for life.

"It has been an honour to be a part of their transformation.”