THERE will be more than 3,500 Warrington fans at St Helens tonight.

But it looks like one face will be missing.

St Helens have sent a letter to Wolfie banning him from attending the Totally Wicked Stadium.

It says he will not be allowed in to the game following the 'unsolicited spying' before the St Helens v Wigan game in Super League in January.

The letter says the subsequent ban is still in place and any breach 'will be taken seriously'.

Warrington Guardian:

It is the latest piece on inventive marketing by Saints and Warrington ahead of the top of the table clash.

It saw Saints brand the game WAR-rington and Wolfie appear at the darts in Liverpool last night.

Warrington Guardian:

Saints say they are expecting a record Super League crowd for a home fixture with Warrington.

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And Warrington have now sold more than 3,500 tickets for the game. 

More than three times as many as for the league fixture in 2018.

Follow the game live here from 6pm tonight.