A SLIMMING World club in Whitecross is encouraging its members to share family recipes with the group to make them healthier.

The group hosts taster nights where families bring their favourite healthy meals from home and share them with the group to create a collective cookbook.

Anne-Marie, consultant the Whitecross sessions, believes the group discussions have helped families in the area become happier and healthier.

“Eating healthily together is believed to help raise happy children who do better at school and have better nutrition, whilst saving time and money in the process,” she said.

“Our favourite foods may sometimes look unhealthy, but there is always a way to optimize them and make them healthier.

“This is one of the things we do when we meet up, and we get to try healthy, homemade food cooked by the group members.”

And the group has had great success since forming two years ago, with at least seven families losing a combined 63 stone through supporting each other.

Amongst these families are Niki and Mike Jones, who have lost a total of 6 stone over the two years and praised the club’s effect on their family.

“Slimming alone is really hard but going together to a group has really helped our family,” said Niki.

“We cook meals together which are healthy and tasty.

“They have given us energy to be able to do the things we love and get the most out of life.”

Anne-Marie took over as consultant at Whitecross in October last year and also runs two groups at St James’ Church in Hood Manor.

She believes the success of the group is attributed to the supportive members involved who help each other each week.

“I am incredibly proud of the strong community spirit amongst the group and what they have achieved.

“We share tips, ideas and recipes and make friends at the same time.

“Members who are worried about their weight always get a warm welcome and the support they need to reach their dream targets.”

As part of Slimming World, the groups offer real, practical help to families who want to adopt healthier eating habits and a more active lifestyle.

For those interested in the Whitecross area interested in joining, sessions are held at 5:30pm on Tuesdays at Whitecross Community & Recreation Centre.

For more information, contact Anne-Marie on 07590 370988.