TWO baby goats are calling Walton Hall and Gardens Zoo their new home and are delighting visitors with their cuteness.

The adorable pair are only one-week-old, having been born last Thursday, but their zest for outdoor life is already showing.

Both goats are still nameless and the zoo are letting a visiting primary school decide what to call the twin kids following an educational visit.

Caster the dad was brought to the zoo last year as a new breeder and the twins were mum Ellie’s first birth.

Park ranger Peter Cookson-Dean, said: “Ellie is doing really well, she did a great job for her first birth.

“The twins are on show to the public now and while they do sleep a lot, they do come out and love to play.”

One boy is white like dad Caster while the other is a colourful mix.

This adorable pair are not to be missed.

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