AN autism friendly film club is flourishing in Warrington after being set up earlier this year.

The project was devised by organiser Ciaran Bradley, who is heavily involved in running it and loves getting everyone together.

“Film is a huge passion of mine and I really wanted to set up a club around something that I would enjoy doing,” said Ciaran.

He came up with the idea when connected with MacIntyre’s Great Communities project.

“With Great Communities, we connect with adults in the community that have autism or learning difficulties and help them to think about what they are passionate about and what skills they have,” said Peter Connor, Great Communities Manager.

“We also work with employers and community centres to link people together.

“This may result in employment, voluntary work or the development of an enterprise like Ciaran’s film club.”

Another outcome of the film club has been that Ciaran and some of the other people who access Great Communities have been able to put their skills to helping out.

In return for using the space for the film club, the team have been repainting the hall at Fairfield Old School, where the film club is held.

This has involved Ciaran working closely with centre manager James Goodison.

“My mentor James has been great and has really helped me since we started the club,” Ciaran continued.

“He’s helped me with things like setting up the audio and visual equipment and in choosing which films to show next.”

And such has been the popularity that Ciaran has been busy planning what will next hit the screen.

“Almost all of the setting up and running of the film club is done by Ciaran, and people like me are just there to support them,” said James.

MacIntyre is a national charity which aims to empower people who have learning difficulties.

Throughout the country, they provide learning support and care for more than 1,500 children, young people and adults who have a learning disabilities or autism.

Warrington was chosen as the test site for their ground-breaking Great Communities project, which aims to engage with and learn from people with learning disabilities.

Kathryn Yates, MacIntyre’s Shared Lives manager, added: “As well as the film club here at the Old School, we have groups focusing football, friendship, money management and a cook smart group.

“We also let people know of other activities that are happening in the local area as that’s all part of the community aspect of the project.

These groups are enjoyed by the people who attend them, with William Tran and Stacey Wilson stating how much fun they have when participating.

More information about the charity and the events they run at Fairfield can be found on the MacIntyre Charity Warrington Facebook page and @GrtCommunities Twitter page.