PUPILS from Birchwood Church of England Primary School are thrilled with their new playground.

The school received funding from the Liverpool Diocese to fund the renovation, as the old outdoor space was in an unfit state.

Now the playground has been resurfaced, with the addition of new line markings and a new barked play area.

Among the new markings is a multiplication grid which it is hoped will help children to have fun while learning their times tables.

Siobhan Bentley, head of school at Birchwood, said: “The markings are a way to get the most out of our playground space.

“As well as being bright, vibrant and with educational merit, the surfaces have also led to increased interaction.”

Mrs Bentley also believes the new playground has made a real difference to the pupil’s play times.

“Rather than running around and bumping into each other or staying in the same small groups, the children now interact more around a shared task or game.

“Many of the markings also encourage pupils to use thought when playing, with mazes for example or turn taking.

“This will bring more structure to play time.”