THIS is the way the British public voted on the issue of their favourite crisps, and it’s controversial to say the least.

According to last night’s Channel 5 TV documentary, people in the UK rate Walkers as their favourite savoury snack, closely followed by Pringles and Doritos.

This has sparked mass outcry on social media, with many people debating whether Pringles and Doritos are in fact crisps.

One Twitter user commented that the pyramid was “pretty much entirely upside down,” whilst another added that the decision to place Wotsits and Quavers below Pringles was “laughable.”

Channel 5 have sorted the results to form what they call the official crisp pyramid, and that has caused further hysteria throughout the nation.

People’s main contention is the decision to place Monster Munch in the mid-tier section and the complete absence of other traditional favourites from the pyramid.

Warrington Guardian:

Pic credit: Channel 5

Tim Stanley replied with: “Utter madness, Britain has lost its mind. Who on earth would choose a mean bowl of kettle chips over Monster Munch?”

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Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen also joined the debate by posting: “No Frazzles & No Discos?!?!? Mini Cheddars aren’t even flipping crisps either”

The full results are as follows:

1. Walkers

2. Pringles

3. Doritos

4. Kettle Chips

5. McCoy’s

6. Sensations

7. Golden Wonder

8. Tyrrel’s

9. Hula Hoops

10. Seabrook

11. Monster Munch

12. Quavers

13. Wotsits

14. Brannigan’s

15. Chipsticks

16. Mini Cheddars

17. Fish ‘n’ Chips

18. Squares

19. Salt ‘n’ Shake

20. Nik Naks

What do you think? Do you agree with this crisp pyramid?