A LIBERAL Democrat campaigner has accused the council of neglecting Wilderspool Causeway and claims rain results in the area becoming home to ‘mini lakes’.

Ann Raymond, who uses the area regularly, is calling on the authority to take action after growing increasingly frustrated with the situation facing residents.

She believes the causeway is in ‘disrepair’ and says its pavements are becoming ‘too dangerous to walk along’.

“I use Wilderspool Causeway daily and I have to be so careful,” said Ms Raymond.

“I have tripped and fallen once already.

“After rain, the dips become mini lakes and wet leaves, which haven’t been cleared, make the pavement so slippery.

“As well as the poor pavements, the litter that collects here never seems to be cleared.

“I don’t understand why this important route in our community is being so neglected by the council.

“Latchford residents deserve better.”

The council has responded to the concerns and says it will be contacting Ms Raymond.

A spokesman said: “The council inspects this section of the highway on a regular basis and any safety issues identified are programmed in for repair.

“In addition to this, sections of Wilderspool Causeway have received some additional cleansing over the past few weeks.

“The council will contact the resident to identify any specific concerns they may have.”

The authority says during periods of heavy rain or extreme weather, it will take longer for water to drain away as the main sewers that the gullies in the town connect to are running at full capacity.

If a drain is on private land, residents have been asked to contact the land owner.

Furthermore, the borough’s environmental services team is responsible for day-to-day cleaning of public areas across Warrington.

Officers in the team remove litter from council-owned land and empty litter bins on streets and in parks, while also being tasked with removing graffiti from public buildings, clearing fly-tipping and maintaining shrub borders.

Residents can request general cleaning of a street, road, pavement, alleyway, park or playing field.

For further information visit warrington.gov.uk