THIS remarkable picture shows a reception class with more reason to smile than most.

Ian Cameron, from Appleton, sent us this picture of the children at St Elphin’s (Fairfield) Infant School.

Taken around 1946. Ian said the children were delighted that The Second World War was over.

He added: “We didn’t need to dash into the stinking air raid shelters anymore when the sirens went off.”

Ian is pictured third right on the front row.

While some of the other people are David Foster, Peter Chalinor, Les Povey, Alan Barker, Peter Ayres, Eric Lester, Peter Shakeshaft, Rita Moreland, Barbara Lomax and Dorothy Ward.

Are you on the picture or do you know anyone who is?

We would love to try to get details of everyone involved for a feature on the Second World War to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the start of the war this year.

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