A HOAXER who told the police he had a bomb in his Padgate flat has been spared jail.

'Half of Cheshire's emergency services' were called to Jason Rotheram's home on Biggin Court after he drunkenly claimed to have a detonator.

Liverpool Crown Court heard on Wednesday, February 6, that police were called to the 48-year-old's flat at around 4.45pm on Wednesday, November 21.

Concerns had been raised over his safety by a helpline Rotheram had contacted and claimed that he was in possession of a firearm and a meat cleaver.

Armed police attended the scene, while a number of a paramedics were called to the area on standby.

When officers entered the flat, the former cruise ship worker was lying on the floor and appeared to be unconscious.

But he then began shouting and was described as being 'extremely agitated'.

He told police: "I'll f***ing detonate, get out.

"F*** off, it's a dead hand detonator.

"There's no f***ing way you're coming into my house.

"If you come in I'm going to hurt you."

Rotheram, who had drunk a 'considerable amount' of cider, then said he had 'disarmed the dead arm switch' and walked towards officers with his hands above his head - but claimed he was still in possession of a remote detonator, before adding that he was 'joking'.

In total, 15 emergency services workers attended the incident.

An air rifle, meat cleaver and kitchen knife were found in Rotheram's home.

He admitted communicating false information during and earlier hearing at Warrington Magistrates Court on Friday, January 4.

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Last week, Justice William Davis handed him a three-month imprisonment suspended for 18 months.

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Sentencing, Justice Davis said: "This caused immense disruption to the emergency services for no good reason other than that you were drunk.

"Half of Cheshire's emergency services had to hang around outside until this was sorted out.

"People who falsely inform the police of some sort of explosive device generally go straight to prison - people have to be evacuated, and it causes a huge amount of upset and distress.

"It's behaviour that needs to be punished, but your case is rather different.

"Why you behaved how you did you don’t know and I don’t know, but drink had quite a lot to do with it.

"If drink takes you into any kind of trouble again, you’ll have three months inside - it's your choice if you go to prison or not."

Rotheram, who was made redundant from a sales role with Sky two years ago and who has one previous conviction, was also ordered to undergo a rehabilitation activity requirement of up to 20 days and to pay a victim surcharge.

Justice Davis also urged the defendant to give up alcohol, expressing concerns over how the booze was affecting his health.

He added: "He's 48?

"Is this date of birth correct?

"It's just that he looks very much older than that, that's all.

"Try to grapple with your alcohol problems and mental health issues.

"Whether you would look younger and be healthier if you stopped drinking I don't know, but if you continue drinking it will only get worse and worse."