A CONCRETE company has made a new bid to allow a mixing plant it built in Woolston without planning permission to remain standing.

The facility, which includes silos and storage, was built two years ago on Bridge Lane - despite Warrington Borough Council not having given consent for the scheme.

While the authorities refused retrospective planning permission for the scheme last year, a second bid by applicant Stoke-based Mincrete Ltd to allow the concrete plant has now been lodged.

Planning application documents stated: “The site is situated on a large industrial estate known as Forward Works which is a well-established industrial estate with a variety of general industrial uses, and it is considered that the proposed use would be appropriate in this location.”

Construction work on the 2,000sq m site began in April 2017 without planning permission, with the concrete plant completed in September the same year.

Formerly an open storage area, four full-time employees of the ready-mixed concrete specialists work onsite between 6am and 5.30pm from Mondays to Fridays according to the application.

A similar application was previously refused retrospective planning permission in May last year, with the company’s actions described as ‘underhand and horrifying by residents’.

Warrington Borough Council threw out the application as it ‘lacked sufficient information’, while concerns were raised over its impact on nearby Woolston Eyes.

The bid also stated that the concrete plant was not near a watercourse, despite being metres away from the Mersey.

And a number of residents have objected to the scheme again.

A written objection by Lisa Cullen said: “There appears to be no significant change to this retrospective planning application from last year.

“I spent a lot of time getting signatures for my petition against this application.

“What has changed from last year?

“Did this company comply with the decision and take down the buildings that they were instructed by law to do so?

“I strongly oppose this application and suggest that the signatures that were given in last year still stand for this application.”

A consultation on the plans latest runs until Friday, February 22.