THE special bond between an 11-year-old and her dog is helping her battle epilepsy.

Millie Webb suffers from refractory epilepsy and can have more than 100 seizures a day, but three-year-old Elmo is learning how to be a potentially life-saving companion for her.

The Bichon Frise is taking part in the Good Citizen dog training scheme from the Kennel Club to register as a service dog.

Once she completes her training, Elmo will be able to attend school alongside the Penketh High student.

Stuart, Millie's dad, said Elmo starting picking up on Millie's seizures in 2016 without any training.

He added: "Elmo always follows Millie around and sits and cries when she goes out.

"One of the symptoms is that she produces a large amount of saliva and the dog will lick and clean her face.

"She picks up on it just prior to a seizure- she becomes disturbed and will stay with her until she comes round.

"Part of Elmo's training is to notify us of Millie's seizures by finding us and barking."

Warrington Guardian:

Elmo has a service dog vest which allows her to accompany Millie into shops and restaurants in case she has a seizure when she is out of the house.

Millie underwent major brain surgery in December 2017 to try to stop her condition.

About 15 to 20 per cent of her brain was removed, but the surgery was ultimately unsuccessful.

Stuart said: "She still has seizures – they did drop off but they have come back.

"She can have up to 160 a day now but they are smaller ones.

"It took her a few months to recover and she suffered for a bit afterwards."

Warrington Guardian:

The surgery did improve Millie's memory and concentration and she was able to transfer to Penketh High School from Green Lane Community Special School.

Now the family are waiting to see if any more can be done for Millie and they hope new treatments and medicines may become available.

Warrington Guardian:

Mum, Linda, explained: "She is under two hospitals, Warrington and Alder Hey.

"They have been so good and so supportive but they are stuck now and don't know what to do."

While the family wait, Elmo is continuing her training and has even captured the hearts of the nation by appearing on ITV's Britain's Top 100 Dogs which aired in January.