THE community rallied together to help trace an injured dog who had been missing for five days.

Evie – who is a Bichon Frise – managed to slip out of her collar while out with her owners.

But concern quickly started to mount after she was hit by a car on the M62 in Burtonwood.

Under the guidance of Laura Finnegan, the public were able to reunite Evie with her owners five days later, tracking her location near Elm Road and Radley Lane.

Laura, who runs Leuys Dog Trapping Page which was launched to two and a half years ago to help find missing dogs, said: “We have been in a few towns and cities and I must say the Warrington community is one of the best for lost dogs.

“The hospitality was amazing. Neighbours allowed us in their homes to charge equipment up and let us use their toilet, made us a cup of tea, carried traps, checked traps and helped us tremendously,

“We will be forever grateful for your hospitality.”

Hundreds of people joined a Facebook page dedicated to Evie and ensuring her safe return. 

Laura, along with volunteers, used tracking techniques which included using a ‘scent trail of juices’.
This led to a trap which had been positioned in a location where Evie had been previously sighted.

She added: “There was a lot of hard word, hours and dedication that went into tracking her steps and trusted people watching her steps.”

But Evie is now safe and back in the arms of her owners. 

To find out more about how you can help in future searches for missing dogs or share their latest appeals then search for Leuys Dog Trapping Page on Facebook.