A LIFE-SIZED model of the Lymm dinosaur has gone on show in the village.

When Colin Grimes, a Lymm-based retired art teacher saw the popular dinosaur’s footprint at the Lower Dam, he was intrigued to find out more about what this creature that roamed the deserts of Cheshire 240 million years ago might have looked like.

Footprints were originally discovered by Lymm quarrymen in 1842 and this particular footprint has had many homes around the village over the years.

Colin said: “No skeleton has ever been found but scientists think they have a pretty good idea of the size, scale and shape of the creature.

"Strictly speaking it is not a dinosaur but a “chirotherium.”

The story was enough to inspire Colin, whose first degree was in sculpture, to build a life-sized model based on that research.

The model is the centrepiece of a new exhibit 'On the Trail of the Hand Beast' which opened at Lymm Heritage Centre on Saturday.

More than 200 visitors came during the first weekend.

Organiser Alan Williams said: "The display has something for everyone from keen palaeontologists to young children.

"There’s the chance for a selfie with 'Kerry', as she is now known. Young visitors can also go on a mini-fossil hunt with fossils to take home, plus a join-the-dots art competition, models, masks and wallcharts as well as the opportunity to make a footprint. "The exhibit has even inspired the centre’s neighbours at the Brewery Tap to produce a Chirotherium ale in honour of the event."

The exhibit will also reveal more about Lymm’s fascinating geology, in particular its sandstone outcrops.

A new Lymm Gorge Geology Trail and accompanying guide explain some of the many features to be spotted on a three mile trail that takes walkers through five million years of history.

The trail has been researched and developed by Heritage Centre member Roger Hannam with the help of geologists Nick Smith and Fred Owen.

The exhibition is open from Thursday until Sunday from 12pm to 4pm for the next three months at Lymm Heritage Centre at 1 Legh St WA13 0DA.

Admission is free and donations are much appreciated.

Find out more at lymmhic.co.uk/handbeast.