THE story of Helen McCourt's murder will feature on Judge Rinder's Crime Stories on Monday.

In the fourth series of the show, Barrister Robert Rinder examines the tragic case.

Helen, 22, went missing after getting off the bus on Main Street, Billinge, 200 yards from the family home on February 9, 1988.

Bloodstained clothes belonging to Simms were found along the Manchester Ship Canal in Hollins Green and after he was arrested Helen’s opal and sapphire earring and traces of blood were discovered in the boot of his car.

There was also mud on his clothes which was similar to that found at Rixton claypits. A spade from the pub was also found there.

However, despite extensive searches and excavations across the north west, her remains have not been found.

It is believed Simms was the first person to be convicted on DNA evidence without the victim’s body.

Simms, who was found guilty of murder in 1989, was ordered to serve a minimum tariff of 16 years before he could be considered for release on licence.

Since her daughter's death, her mum Marie has been campaigning for a new law to be adopted, which would mean convicted murders who refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies would remain behind bars.

Marie hopes the legislation will be called Helen’s Law in memory of her daughter.

Posting on the petition, Marie said: "To lose a loved one is devastating. To lose a loved one to murder is horrific.

"To be denied their funeral causes unimaginable suffering. I have endured this nightmare for almost 28 years."

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