A TAXI driver who has always dreamed of becoming a mum has bravely shared her struggle to conceive as part of a new ITV show.

Gemma Greig, from Paddington, has opened up about her weight loss battle and subsequent difficulties to have a child with her husband Mike, 33, on ITV’s Tonight Losing Weight: Six Months to Save a Life.

The 30-year-old, who weighed 22 stone when filming started, has seen her emotional journey documented by a camera crew, who have been following her story for the past six months.

While health and fitness played a major factor in her decision to allow TV cameras into her life, the main catalyst was her desperate desire to welcome a child into the world.

After years of trying, Gemma was dealt a devastating blow when she was told she needed to lose weight in order to qualify for fertility treatment. The news proved to be the wake-up call she desperately needed.

“It’s just a horrible, horrible feeling. To know that you’re the reason that you can’t make your husband a dad,” said Gemma, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago.

“We have been trying for four years with no success.

“I was too big for any fertility treatment but now I’m in a category where they are now going to support me.

“I have another stone and a half to lose before starting the treatment. 

“It’s such a surreal feeling but I’m finally feeling so positive about it all.”

Warrington Guardian:

PICTURED: Gemma Greig pictured at the start of filming

Gemma started to struggle with her weight at the age of 18 – despite always leading a healthy lifestyle during her early years.

When she turned 18, she started to enjoy having a drink on a night out. Her job was also a driving force behind her weight gain. 

Working as a taxi driver meant she was often eating at odd times of the day.

Gemma also found herself pulling up to a drive-through to grab a bite eat – fast food became a part of her diet.

“I have tried every diet under the sun,” said Gemma, who has been with her husband Mike for five years.

“I lost seven stone about three years ago but I couldn’t sustain that.”

Determined to get her weight under control, Gemma decided to apply for the programme.

“I was sat on the couching thinking enough is enough so I decided to apply,” said Gemma. 

Twenty minutes after sending in her application, she was being interviewed over the phone by producers of the show.

Two weeks later the cameras were rolling. 

“I’ve never done a TV show before,” said Gemma.

“But with TV, I hoped I would get a bit more support. 

“The intention of the show is about finding your own way and they will provide support.

“It’s not like you have someone chasing you around knocking food out of your hand.”

It has been a learning curve for Gemma who has seen the pounds fall off while her outlook has changed completely after overhauling her lifestyle along the way.  

“A diet is not about depriving yourself,” said Gemma.

“It’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle

“I can still have all stuff I love but it’s about moderation. I don’t eat big portion sizes.

“These days everyone is looking for a quick fix – fad diets and shakes for seven days.

“But these kind of diets don’t work as you can’t sustain it. 

“Real life gets in the way.

“For me it’s about exercising and eating the right amount of calories.”

Gemma is also a keen member of Hook and Jab on Causeway Avenue.

While she has attended classes on and off for many years, she finally found the courage to sign up to training on a regular basis – and she hasn’t looked back since.

“You have to find a fitness regime that you enjoy,” added Gemma. 

“Amanda has really put me though my paces – she’s really inspiring.”

The TV show is split into two episodes with the first segment airing last week. 

As well as following Gemma’s journey, 61-year-old Steve, from Durham, and 29-year-old call centre worker Richard also see their lives thrust into the spotlight for the TV show.

Steve, who started the programme at 20 stone 10 pounds, and Richard, weighing 18 stone, 11 pounds, are both determined to lose weight.

Like Gemma, they agreed to share their journeys with the public by taking on the challenge, changing their lifestyle and ultimately save their lives. 

“I was watching from behind my hands. It was weird to see myself on TV,” said Gemma, who is excited to reveal how much weight she has lost.

The support she has received from friends, family and even complete strangers who have been touched by her weight-loss journey has been an added bonus.

She now hopes her story will help others facing a similar struggle.

To find out how much weight Gemma has managed to lose tune into the final episode on ITV at 7.30pm today, Thursday.