WHEN nine-year-old Faye Attwood started to doubt her soccer skills, her kind-hearted classmate was determined to show her best friend that she is pitch perfect.

Penketh Community Primary pupil Faye fell in love with playing football around six months ago but she started to fear she wasn’t good enough to make the team.

Surrounded by boys in training, Faye started to worry that her gender may stop her from achieving success on the pitch.

Thankfully her nine-year-old best friend Alice Howard was on hand and refused to let Faye give up on her sporting dream.

After listening to Faye’s worries and concerns, Alice went home and printed out a photograph of a sportsperson holding a trophy and wearing a medal.

She then glued a picture of Faye’s smiling face to the photograph as Alice believes it’s only a matter of time before Faye is holding the silverware.

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The thoughtful schoolgirl then put pen to paper to write her an inspirational speech, predicting a bright future for football-mad Faye.

Alice wrote: “This is the amazing Faye who won the female footballer of the year but the way she got the trophy was because she believed in herself and ignored whatever anybody told her.

“This is a real talent to have. Believe, Faye.”

Faye’s mum Nikki had tears in her eyes when she read the touching hand-written message from Alice.

The 32-year-old, from Penketh, said: “For Alice to go home and make that picture and then write such a thoughtful message demonstrates the kind girl that she is.

“Faye is really lucky to have her as a best friend.

“The school is brilliant. They have always encouraged this kind of behaviour and how to be kind to others.”

The schoolgirls first met in reception when they joined the Coniston Avenue school and have been close friends since.

“Having friends like this at nine years old makes the world a better place,” added Nikki.

Faye, who has been a Leicester City fan from an early age, has only recently started to showcase her sporting prowess, after finishing in second place in a beep test where children are invited to run as quickly as they can to try to beat the beep.

“She has really taken an interest in sport recently,” said Nikki.

“When she was the last girl standing – and the second one in the class – in the beep test, I was very proud.

“She has asthma so she said she needed her inhaler but she’s very strong willed.”