A SEVEN-year-old has been nominated for a top award after her quick-thinking saved a baby's life.

Isla Cunliffe from Orford, helped to save 11-month-old Reuben after she alerted adults when he stopped breathing.

Family friend, Reuben, has sleep apnea and stops breathing at least once a day.

He wears a monitor on his nappy which beeps when he stops breathing.

Isla and her mum were watching Reuben while at Alder Root riding school in Winwick, when his monitor went off.

Isla, knowing about Reuben's health problems, immediately alerted her mum and ran to get help.

Reuben came round after he was removed from his pram, just before he received CPR.

Gaynor Hoey, Isla's grandmother, said Isla's quick-thinking could have saved Reuben's life.

She added: "I’m so proud of how she stayed calm and knew exactly what to do.

"I've been a nurse for a long time so she often listens to conversions about medicine and has watched medical programmes from being tiny.

"It’s amazing what children can pick up this way."

This was Reuben's worst episode and he was taken to Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool where he still remains, but the family know the situation could have been very different.

The North West Ambulance Service have since nominated Isla for their Life Saver award which recognises children for their bravery when faced with a medical emergency.

Gaynor said: "She’s definitely our little hero.

"I love her so much and her mum and I am so very proud of her, we just hope that little Reuben is back home soon."