A TOWN centre bar accused of being responsible for 'indescribable' levels of noise has been granted permission to vary its licence.

The Palmyra's application for a variation of its licence was approved by the licensing sub-committee on Friday.

Concerns had been raised over the levels of noise coming from the Springfield Street site.

However, Anthony Horne, a solicitor acting on behalf of The Palmyra, defended the premises.

He said: "The actual situation at the moment is that there are three tables and 12 chairs in the existing area and we are looking to add another four tables and 16 chairs in the area.

"That will actually, we would submit, assist the residents because they won’t have people milling around.

"If they are in that area, they have to be sat at a table.

"I'm sure you're fully aware of the existence of Parr Hall where people, a number up to 1,100, are all coming out quite late on at night, quite possibly even after The Palmyra has closed.

"That, I think, is something that causes more noise nuisance in the locality than anything that we do or, in fact, are proposing."

Knightsbridge Court resident Eric Logan said door management 'does not exist' at the bar and raised concerns over 'indescribable' levels of noise coming from the site.

He added: "The issue is really in the summertime when there can be upwards of 40 people standing outside The Palmyra.

"Dozens of people can be standing outside The Palmyra, quite often it is hen dos and stag dos, so large numbers of people attend."