A CONSULTANT has urged men to be aware of prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health problems this Movember.

The campaign, which runs throughout November, aims to highlight three key men’s health issues and encourages males to grow moustaches during the month.

Now, they are also being challenged to run or walk 60km during November too in the Make a Move challenge.

And Paul Jamieson, consultant urologist at Spire Cheshire Hospital in Stretton, has highlighted the importance of early treatments in both cancer and of seeking help if you are suffering from mental health problems.

He said: “The key to successful treatment for mental health problems is down to men facing up to the fact that they might have a problem and seeking medical help as soon as possible – it is well known that men tend to keep things bottled up when it comes to medical issues, but that really is the worst thing they can do.

“Early prostate cancer may have no symptoms, so don’t wait for them to appear.

“If you are 50 years old, you should be getting yourself checked – that age drops to 45 if you are black, or have a father or brother who has had prostate cancer.

“It’s a simple examination that could be followed by a blood test – there is no need to be frightened or embarrassed.

“Once again, with testicular cancer men seem to find it difficult to discuss this with other but swift action really can save lives.

“Don’t wait until it becomes painful, act as soon as you discover a lump – it really can mean the difference between successful and non-successful treatment.”