APPLETON Parish Council are tackling speeding vehicles by placing gateway signs around neighbouring villages.

The signs will be decorated with messages encouraging drivers to slow down and residents are being asked to join in with the suggestions.

This development comes shortly after an Appleton Thorn resident was left baffled by the sudden appearance of the fences.

In a letter, Margaret Leather said: "Can anyone tell me why small white fences are appearing on several roads in Appleton Thorn?

"They don't appear to serve any purpose at all and the highways department deny all knowledge of them."

A spokesperson for Appleton Parish Council said: "Appleton Parish Council has been working with residents and Warrington Borough Council to install small white fences/posts known as gateway signs around Appleton Thorn and Wright's Green.

"The intention is to impact on the excessive speed of vehicles by clearly demarcating the village area.

"The gateway signs are not quite finished yet as we are checking that they are all in the correct place.

"We also need to decide on the signage that goes on each one and we would like to invite residents to come up with some positive suggestions like 'Welcome to our village' or 'Please drive carefully'.

"We hope they will add to the village nature of both Appleton Thorn and Wright's Green and that it will help to slow traffic in the area."