CHIEF executive of Warrington Borough Council Steven Broomhead has been appointed head of a group aimed at boosting libraries across the country.

Mr Boomhead has been head of the group charged with promoting libraries in Warrington and has now taken over as chairman of the national libraries taskforce.

It aims to share good practice and promote libraries for the future.

Its priorities include:

  •  promoting public libraries to the public and to decision-makers
  •  providing library services and potential partners with easy access to evidence and data to inform their decision-making
  •  providing clearly signposted, step by step guidance and peer support to support sustainable library services
  •  helping the sector (paid staff and volunteers) obtain the insights, skills and support it needs for the future

Mr Broomhead said: “I’m delighted to be taking up this role with the National Libraries Taskforce.

"I believe it reflects well on the work we are doing here in Warrington to invest in and safeguard the future of our libraries.

“I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, insight and best practice with the group, as well as using the opportunity to promote the good work Warrington Borough Council is doing to create a sustainable future for its libraries service.”

The libraries task force in Warrington was set up after controversial plans were revealed two years ago to close a large number of libraries across the town and replace them with lending lockers.

That plan was met with a storm of protest and all of the libraries were spared after a u-turn by LiveWire which manages libraries in Warrington.