WARRINGTON Borough Council has no plans to relocate Padgate Library into a community centre, despite having ‘looked at the possibility’.

The library would have been moved into the neighbouring Fearnhead Cross Centre under the proposals.

But the council has decided not to proceed with the plans following a ‘pre-feasibility assessment’ of the scheme.

A spokesman for Warrington Borough Council said: “A pre-feasibility assessment was undertaken as part of the wider libraries modernisation programme to look at the programme to look at the possibility of accommodating Padgate Library within Fearnhead Cross Centre.

“The outcomes of the assessment will be shared with the libraries partnership board, but there are currently no plans in place to relocate any library services at this location.”

Earlier proposals in 2016 would have seen a number of Warrington’s libraries closed, but the plans were then halted last year.

Each of the libraries’ futures were ‘subject to robust business plans’.

The Friends of Padgate Library group was formed earlier this year in order to assist with plans for the future of the Insall Road site.

And the group has expressed concerns about the mooted move of the library to Fearnhead Cross Centre.

Chairman Albert Hartley said: “The friends group is progressing well and we have a number of activities in progress.

“We had heard about this feasibility study from the partnership board meeting, and as you might imagine are concerned about the implications both for the library service and for the community centre.”

News of the quashed proposal to rehouse Padgate Library within Fearnhead Cross Centre comes after the latter enjoyed a £340,000 refurbishment at the turn of the year.

The community centre was officially reopened in February, but further repair works are needed to its roof.

A £100,000 grant has been secured from Wren in order to carry out the roof repairs at Fearnhead Cross Centre.

Cllr Tony Higgins, Warrington Borough Council’s executive board member for leisure and community, said in June: “During the initial refurbishment it became apparent that the roof of the centre required some attention, but unfortunately the original funding couldn’t stretch to carry out the necessary repairs.

“We’re delighted to receive this funding from Wren, as it will enable us to further improve the facilities at a very popular centre and it will provide a real boost to people in the local area.”